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Indonesia Negotiates Resuption of Poultry Exports to Japan

26 August 2014

INDONESIA - Indonesian is in talks with Japan over the possibility of resuming poultry exports, which were halted in early 2004 following the bird flu outbreak that affected many local poultry breeders.

Indonesian poultry producers have said they are to ship processed poultry products to Japan, which could provide exports worth at least $200 million a year.

McDonald’s Japan stopped buying chicken from China’s Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. after the exposure of a food safety scandal involving sales of expired meat to the fast food outlets at the end of July.

As the food chain is seeking import substitutes, Indonesia could become an alternative source, together with Thailand, which has been supplying the Japanese market.

Indonesian poultry producers could meet standards applied in Japan and had already gained a competitive edge compared to rivals in China or Thailand thanks to efficient production, according to Indonesian Poultry Breeders Association (GAPPI) chairman Anton J. Supit.

Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi said that poultry products from Indonesia could be sold to other Japanese restaurants and retail chains, and would not be limited to McDonald’s. Local producers could potentially grab a 10 per cent share of the Japanese poultry market totalling $2 billion each year, according to a report in the Jakarta Post.


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