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Global Protein Developments: What are the Implications for the Meat Industry ?
Global protein demand will increase by a factor of 3.5 over a 50 year period, namely from 1980-2030. Poultry will show the biggest increase in demand, followed by...
Angus Cattle Lift Performance of Australian Brahman
Angus cattle from temperate Australia are being successfully introduced to the arid north where they raise the game of Bos Indicus herds....
Brazilian Beef Industry Moves to Reduce its Destruction of Rain Forests
Expansion of cattle pastures has led to the destruction of huge swaths of rain forest in Brazil, home to the world's largest herd of commercial beef cattle. But...
First Beef with Goodness of Fish
The fatty acid profile of beef can be improved to boost levels of omega-3s...
Different Primal Cuts Make Unique Beef Patties
Ground beef patties prepared from brisket, flank and plate have unique fatty acid and sensory characteristics....




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