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Relocation of Production at Faaborg Starts

09 April 2015

DENMARK/UK - Danish meat processor, Danish Crown is preparing to start production at its British Tulip plant at Bugle in Cornwall.

The company announced in August last year that it was to close its boning plant at Faaborg in Denmark because it was too expensive and move production to Bugle.

Approximately a third of staff in Faaborg are expected to leave before the summer.

“The transfer of production from Faaborg to Bugle is going to take place over the course of the next year. Initially, the transfer will see the evening shift that takes place at Faaborg move,” said Danish Crown's production director Søren F. Eriksen.

About 110 employees will initially lose their jobs.

The next stage of the transfer will take plavce after the summer holidays the summer holidays and the factory in Faaborg is expected to close down in the first half of 2016.

“We know from experience that there may be delays when we need to start a new production up. Therefore, we cannot give employees in Faaborg a complete plan with dates about which parts of the production will be moved and when,” said Mr Eriksen.

“But we will keep employees informed as best we can, so they will typically get a notice of at least eight weeks”

There will be a job bank for redundant employees, and they will also be subject to Danish Crown's social plan that includes training and retraining.

The employees who left before the summer, will be first in the queue for jobs as holiday relief at Danish Crown slaughterhouses in Horsens, Blans and Herning, which will need about 150 additional employees over the summer.

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