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EU Pig Markets in Balance – Steady Prices Anticipated

02 April 2015
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EU - Just before Easter, the European pig slaughter market appears steady with quotations static.

Despite the friendly mood in the market, no price increase was seen in the German market last week.

In France, price increases had been hoped for, but the rise was marginal.

Now the focus is on April. The French producers hope for weather will improve, causing the prices to go up and the tense economic situation to ease.

In Belgium, on the other hand, the quotation went up slightly by a corrected 1.3 cents.

Resulting from abundant supply on the live pigs market and on the background of reduced slaughter capacities around Easter, the Austrians moderately reduced their pig slaughter quotations.

Trend for the German market

At the beginning of the new calendar week, the situation is balanced on the German pig slaughter market. The quantities of live pigs on offer are meeting the slaughter companies’ demand.

The basic feeling in the market continues to be positive, because the marketers are buying additional batches. Prices are expected to remain unchanged despite the forthcoming Easter holidays.


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