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Fish Company Fined for Breeching Fish Inspection Regulations

27 March 2015

CANADA - An Ontario fish company has been fined C$12,500 by the Ontario Court of Justice earlier this month after being found guilty of contravening Fish Inspection Regulations.

Section 31(1) of the Fish Inspection Regulations indicates that every carton and case in which containers of fish are packed at an establishment must be legibly marked on one end with the establishment's name and date of processing.

The CFIA's investigation revealed that a shipment of frozen fish that had been processed and exported by the Lakeshore Fish Company of Port Dover, Ontario, in September 2012, and returned to Canada in January 2013, did not comply with section 31(1) of the Regulations.

Section 6(2.2)(c) of the Fish Inspection Regulations indicates that no person can move or attempt to move fish that has been imported into Canada from the place indicated in the notification until the person is notified by an inspector that the fish does not need to be inspected.

The CFIA's investigation determined that, in November 2012, the company processed and exported a shipment of imported perch without complying with section 6(2.2)(c) of the Regulations.

The CFIA is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal legislation, acts and regulations, including the Fish Inspection Regulations.

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