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EU Pig Prices Continue to Rise

20 February 2015
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EU - The ice seems to have been broken two weeks ago, after the prices went up in Germany for the first time again.

Germany now ranks second in the five major pig-keeping EU member countries’ price structure, ahead of France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

This is triggered by continually low numbers on offer and a brisk demand. The meat markets are happy with teh continued rise in prices.

Last week, the German quotation went up by another 5 cents. The quotations went up by a similar amount in the Netherlands as well as in France, Belgium and Austria.

Price increases were slightly more moderate in Spain, Denmark and Italy. By their latest price increase, France was able to expand the price gap toward Denmark, now ranking fourth in the five major pig-keeping EU member countries’ price structure.

The situation is slightly weaker on the British pig market. There, the quotation went down by a corrected 3.8 cents as a result of the weak spot market.

Trend for the German market: The prospects remain fine at the beginning of the new calendar week. The slaughter companies go on demanding, and the marketers are not able to completely cover the demand. Surcharges are partly paid for the quantities needed at the beginning of the week. Expecting the prices to increase, some producers, however, play the market by withholding their pigs for slaughter.

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