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High Incidence Found of Quinolone Resistant E. coli in Chicken

16 December 2014

NORWAY - Preliminary results of a monitoring programme by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute this year shows that the prevalence of quinolone-resistant E. coli in chicken fillet is just under 70 per cent.

The incidence is higher than in turkey fillets.

However, while the full characterisation of resistance properties has not yet been completed, the Institute said that the results so far suggest that the resistance pattern is not clear.

The Institute said it is a composite image with multiple resistance mechanisms.

“It is unclear how these resistant bacteria have entered the poultry population in Norway,” the Institute said.

“Historical data from the monitoring indicate that the prevalence of quinolone resistance have remained at a constant level since the programme was created in 2000.

“This is using a non-selective method.”

The Institute report said that it was not possible to return to samples from previous years to investigate the prevalence of quinolone-resistant E.coli using the new method, since the bacteria must be isolated directly from fresh samples.

It added that the general advice that applies to prevention of infection with Campylobacter from raw poultry meat - good kitchen hygiene and adequate baking or cooking of meat - will also apply to antibiotic resistant E. coli.

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