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Miratorg Pork Production Over 1 million tonnes

02 December 2014

RUSSIA - SK Korocha, the pig meat subsidiary of Russian meat processing giant Miratorg, has seen pork production rise over 1 million tonnes over last six years.

Miratorg is one of the largest vertically-integrated agricultural holdings in Russia and the leading pork producer.

The company has invested more than 110 billion rubles in the development of national production as part of the national strategy to reduce pig meat imports.

Svinokomplex Korocha is the company’s largest meat processing asset, a high-technology facility with a level of robotics and production automation, unique for Russia.

The plant produces more than 300 products for retail and corporate customers.

Fresh meat in industrial packaging makes up 35 per cent of the total finished products that are sold in small-scale sale and retail chain stores.

The plant has increased its share of consumer package products and has a capacity of 72,000 tonnes in case ready products aimed at the final consumer.

SK Korocha started operation in November of 2008 and has increased production while increasing efficiency at the same time, according to Miratorg.

The plant processes 3 million pigs per a year.

The company said its efforts are aimed at further cost saving and fine tuning of the whole production chain.

“This way due to the technological process efficiency increase, daily capacity of pork processing increased by nine per cent to 9,100 animals in 24 hours in November,” said CEO of SK Korocha Anatoliy Oleynik.

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