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Alarming Rise of Antibiotic Resistance in Europe

18 November 2014

EU - Antibiotic resistance in Europe has increased in the past years to the point that now constitutes a serious risk to public health.

The lack of effectiveness of existing antibiotics combined with the lack of new antibiotic treatments raises serious concerns and demands a joint response.

In this context, primary prescribers play a crucial role, according to the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe.

The European health professionals have put forward seven recommendations to raise awareness to primary care prescribers on the prudent and responsible use of antibiotics.

FVE President, Dr Christophe Buhot said: "Veterinarians together with the other health professions are the gatekeepers of the public health. This is why it is so important to ensure that all of us – doctors, dentists and veterinarians - are equally committed to this goal and promote the same recommendations."

CPME President Dr Katrín Fjeldsted said: "It is crucial that healthcare professionals join forces to combat antimicrobial resistance. The joint recommendations are part of this collaborative exercise and we will continue to closely work together to promote prudent use of antibiotics."

CED President Dr Wolfgang Doneus said: "Antibiotics need to be responsibly prescribed, correctly used and the outcomes monitored.

"We are counting on our Colleagues to help in making sure that antibiotics stay effective and to discuss the risks of self-medication with our patients."



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