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Cheese Salt Level Concerns Quashed

12 August 2014

UK - A dairy industry figurehead has defended salt levels in cheese saying that salt is integral to the cheesemaking progress on technical and food safety grounds.

The dairy industry has recently made 'significant steps' to reduce salt content in cheese but lowering salt levels 'irresponsibly' could jeaopordize food safety and quality, according Dairy UK chief executive Dr Judith Bryans. 

Commenting on a recent study on salt levels in cheese, she said:"Salt is in an integral part of the cheesemaking process for technical and safety reasons.

"In an effort to provide British consumers with nutritious, safe and wholesome cheeses, the dairy industry has made significant steps forward to reduce the salt content of dairy products over the last few years and cheese manufacturers have worked very hard to overcome technical barriers to salt reduction."

Her message was that dairy can be part of a healthy and balanced diet. 

"It is disingenuous to suggest that cheese makers are not doing everything they can to address issues around salt but they cannot compromise food safety, " she added.

"Cheese is only one food which contributes to consumers' salt intakes and other food groups contribute significantly more."

She added that cheddar cheese contributes to 1 per cent of salt intake in the UK - less than most food groups. The latest nutritional figures show the average British adult eats 15g of cheese a day.

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