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Australian Pork Labelling in Delis Allegedly Misleading

25 June 2014

AUSTRALIA - Pork producers in Western Australian are calling for improved labelling on locally produced pork products and they are developing a WA pork brand.

According to ABC, Russell Cox, Executive Officer of the Western Australian Pork Producers Association, is happy with Australian Pork Limited's latest marketing campaign to increase consumption, but he says there’s still significant confusion at the retail end.

“If you go to the delis in Coles and Woollies you’ll see the Australian pork brand in the processed section," he told ABC.

“It’s a bit of an ambush marketing exercise, simply because the Australian pork brand is on the Australian pork products in that deli section, but some of that product, probably up to 60 to 70 per cent of it, is actually an imported product.

“There is a bit of a labelling issue. We’re looking at having our own WA pork brand.

“We have to do more work in that area so that consumers understand that it [fresh pork] is a locally produced product.”

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