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Ownership of Campofrío Settled Following Share Tender

11 June 2014

GLOBAL - Following the completion of the tender offer for the shares of Campofrío Food Group, S.A. that remained trading in the market, Sigma Alimentos, S.A. de C.V. (“Sigma”) and WH Group Limited (“WH Group”) will own approximately 100.5 million shares of Campofrio, or 98.3 per cent of Campofrio’s share capital.

Sigma’s ownership will be 61.3 per cent, and WH Group’s 37 per cent.

The Tender Offer was launched on 22 May on the Spanish Stock Exchanges, and ended 5 June.

During this period, approximately 13.5 million shares, or 81 per cent of Campofrio’s shares to which the Tender Offer was effectively addressed were tendered at a price of €6.90 per share.

Settlement of the Tender Offer is due June 12.

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