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US Cities Praised for Resolutions to Stop Overuse of Antibiotics in Livestock

14 April 2014

US - Campaigner against the overuse of antibiotics, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter has praised the cities of Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Providence, and Red Bank, NJ for passing resolutions to stop the daily use of antibiotics in animal feed.

Rep Slaughter said the misuse is an urgent public health problem that is causing the development of more resistant bacteria, destroying the effectiveness of antibiotics and making our food less safe.

The resolutions called on Congress to enact the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA), legislation authored by Rep. Slaughter that would preserve eight critical classes of antibiotics for use on humans and sick animals only.

“I stand shoulder to shoulder with these American cities that are saying enough is enough – stop wasting these critical antibiotics on healthy animals that don’t need them and start saving them for humans,” Rep Slaughter said.
“Americans don’t want to eat meat from animals that have been loaded up with antibiotics to compensate for the conditions on the factory farm – they want safe meat from healthy animals, and they want antibiotics to be preserved for future generations.

“We will take our effort from city to city until Congress and the Food and Drug Administration start listening to the American people.”

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