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France Moves Towards Simplified Digital Procedures for Cattle Movements

17 March 2014

FRANCE - The French Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry has signed a three-year framework agreement with the professional organisations in the beef sector covering a proposal to revise cattle movement documentation within the country, according to Bernadette Byrne from the Paris Office of Bord Bia – Irish Food Board

The new proposal will allow all actors within the industry to connect directly to a centralized information system to verify that an animal can move legally.

Today, in order to ensure the traceability of more than 30 million cattle movements on French soil, a passport and a health certificate are required.

The new procedure will be simpler, more reliable and less expensive to operate for both the administration and the industry.

The framework agreement covers the development of an IT platform.

This platform will have to meet the requirements of data security and confidentiality and be able to provide different stakeholders within the beef sector, depending on their access rights, regulatory and business data on the passport (identification, place of birth, parentage, etc.) and health certificate attesting that the animals originate from a herd free from contagious diseases.

The cost of the project in its pilot phase amounts to €1.5 million euros, of which 80% will be funded by the Department. Additional financing in the initial stage will be made by the CNE (National Livestock Confederation), INTERBEV (National Meat Board), APCA (Agricultural Chambers) and the CNIEL (National Dairy Board).

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