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Pork Sales Jump on Concerns over Fine Dust

04 March 2014

SOUTH KOREA - South Korea has been hit by clouds of ultra fine dust being blown in from China, making people concerned about associated health risks.

However, the pollution could be benefiting pork producers because of the believed benefits of fatty meats to aid respiratory conditions.

The Korea Times reports that according to major supermarket chains, sales of samgyepsal or sliced pork belly have jumped drastically after a series of warnings against the worst-ever levels of dust.

The good sales are due to a belief that elements in the greasy pork slices absorb dust away from the respiratory organs and help the body excrete any accumulations of the dust.

Korea's largest supermarket chain e-mart said that pork sales had jumped by 48.3 per cent between 14 and 27 February, when the worst levels of dust blanketed the country, compared to the same period last year. In comparison, sales of overall meat products only rose by 12.5 per cent in this period.

Sales of pork peaked suddenly as health authorities warned that toxic particles carried by winds from China could cause or make worse respiratory problems such as asthma and contribute to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Although the benefits of eating pork to help respiratory organs hold no scientific proof, large numbers of people believe there are health benefits, because miners used to enjoy eating pork after working underground.

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