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Sharp Year-end Decline in French Poultry Slaughterings

03 March 2014

FRANCE - French poultry slaughtering figures recorded a sharp 11 per cent year-on-year drop in December 2013 with a total of just over 70 million birds.

Government agricultural statistics agency Agreste reports (1) a 10 per cent drop in slaughter yields for both chickens and ducks, with a 19 per centdecrease in turkeys for the month.

There was a cumulative 12 per cent drop in turkey slaughterings for the calendar year 2013 and a 10.6 per cent fall in turkey tonnages.

This is reflected in the poultry sector’s higher bird slaughterings (up 1.5 per cent) but with a one per cent decline in total output weight.

November 2013 chicken exports to third countries fell back by 7,800 carcase equivalent tonnes (CET), with declines of 2,400 CET to Saudi Arabia, Russia (1,900 CET) and United Arab Emirates (1,500 CET). Chicken meat imports for the month fell by 2,000 CET (fading by just over five per cent year-on-year) against a backdrop of a two per cent year-on-year increase in total supply for the first 11 months of 2013.

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