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BRF Launches Hormone-free Chicken Campaign

18 February 2014

BRAZIL - Brazilian food and poultry processor BRF has launched a new campaign to spell out the wholesome nature of the chicken products it produces.

The campaign guarantees that the birds have been fed a balanced diet ensuring good growth and that they have been raised without the use of hormones.

The production and rearing of the birds isare controlled by the Sadia Total Guarantee Programme, following quality standards from the farm to the supermarket

"We take every care to ensure that our products reach the consumer with the highest quality ," said Sylvia Leon, vice president of marketing for BRF.

Director of quality and research and development at BRF, Ralf Piper, said the first step in creating Sadia chicken is genetic selection.

"We the best birds available in the market that will transfer their genetic traits to their offspring allowing a greater weight gain in less time," he said.

After selection, birds are produced that will provide chickens that are then fed a ration provided by Sadia. The production inputs - feed, vitamins and minerals - are all included in a programme that includes training and specialised technical assistance.

When the birds reach the ideal weight they are then processed in a ministry authorised processing plant and the birds are frozen to extend shelf life without the addition of preservatives.

When you reach the ideal weight , the chicken Sadia follows Factory authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply . There, the bird is subjected to freezing step , which has several advantages over other methods of food preservation . " This process extends the shelf life of the bird without the addition of chemical additives" executive claims .

The new campaign, Sadia Chicken, which was created by DPZ , will be publicised with ads in newspapers, magazines and online media. A new movie starring the iconic character Juvenal , will also be aired on national television.

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