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Beef Consumption in Japan Down in 2013

17 February 2014
Meat & Livestock Australia

JAPAN - Japan consumed 864,512 tonnes of beef during 2013, down one per cent from 2012 according to demand and supply data by Japan’s Agriculture and Livestock Industries Corporation.

Analysts at Meat and Livestock Australia said that by category, consumption of Japanese domestic beef during the year was down 2.4 per cent to 354,996 tonnes, compared with the relatively high 2012 figure.

Consumption of imported beef in 2013 was almost identical with the previous year, at 509,517 tonnes (0.8 per cent or 183 tonnes below 2012). Substantial inventories of imported frozen beef – 100,289 tonnes, or 32.5 per cent more than the previous year – were stocked in-market, and another 7,625 tonnes kept in the bonded warehouse in December, as importers collectively avoided the triggering of a tariff triggering safeguard system.

The high volume of imports, and subsequent increase in uncleared inventories, were largely due to the influx of US products into Japan after the relaxation of age protocols in February 2013.


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