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Mobile App Detects Fat Content and Tenderness

03 February 2014

CHILE – A team of researchers in Chile led by Dr Renato Salinas, have developed an application that decodes meat colour to estimate fat content and tenderness.

The initiative is the result of a CORFO (Chilean Economic Development Agency) Go To Market project, which will allow the innovation access to various international markets.

When buying a piece of meat always hopes to gain a lot with all the quality warrants the price. Features such as colour, texture and smell are signs that at first glance may serve, but not a sufficient guide in finding the perfect product.

The smartphone application helps estimate the amount of fat and meat tenderness through a photo.

The application is the result of research work by Dr Salinas to build a device for industrial use in the meat industry.

"We created something like a hairdryer with a camera, which was applied to meat and the results were for industrial use,” said Dr Salinas.

“Now, this new device can be used from any Smartphone.”

The application works as a translator of the colour of cuts. decoding and estimating the fat content and the level of tenderness.

"The user takes a photo of the meat and using computer algorithms, which have patented with colleagues, translates the image you see in numbers, and those numbers are fat percentage estimated for the meat you are viewing, " the professor said.

All this is being carried out through CORFO a Go To Market project, which will allow this application to reach international markets, especially the United States. This project is of great advantage because it is a unique product in the area.

"The closest thing, technically speaking, are applications for industrial use and a mobile app has not yet been produced,” said Dr Salinas.

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