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France Welcomes German Minimum Wage for Slaughterhouse Workers

17 January 2014

FRANCE - France has welcomed a move by Germany to introduce a minimum wage for workers in German slaughterhouses.

French agriculture minister Stéphan Le Foll and the agrifood minister Guillaume Garot had been concerned that German abattoirs were distorting prices by employing cheap labour.

Mr Le Foll said: “This is good news for German workers who will be better paid for their work and it is also good news for French workers.”

He said that the introduction of a minimum wage in slaughterhouses in Germany will allow a more balanced competition between European partners.

“This is a step in the direction of European social justice,” said Mr Garot.

He said it ends social dumping that creates a poor situation for workers, penalises a strong French agribusiness and eventually all European industries.

Mr Le Fool not only welcomed the minimum wage being introduced by the Social Democrats in Germany, but also the progress being made by Michel Sapin at a European level for a directive for a social and competitive Europe.

He said that Germany and France will be continuing their close cooperation in the agrifood sector.

This week, Mr Le Foll headed for Berlin for the start of the Grüne Woche.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris

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