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HKScan Strengthens Meat Sourcing

06 January 2014

FINLAND - Finnish based meat processor HKScan is to strengthen its meat imports by centralising all imports of externally sourced meats.

This change is supported by the business integration of HKScan’s fully owned subsidiary Annerstedt Flodin AB as of 1 January 2014.

Also the sales and marketing team of Annerstedt Flodin’s will be fully integrated with the HKScan’s sales and marketing.

Annerstedt Flodin’s CEO Mikael Olsson will be responsible for leading and developing the Group meat import function. He will report to COO Aki Laiho.

“The business integration of Annerstedt Flodin and its operating model will significantly strengthen our offering and services. Premium quality, good availability and full traceability all the way to the audited farms are critical purchasing criteria for consumers, retailers, professional kitchens and the food industry alike. The HKScan offering fulfills this promise,” said Jukka Nikkinen, Executive Vice President of HKScan’s Away from Home business.

“We serve our customers with a commitment to sustainability,” he added.

Annerstedt Flodin is Sweden’s leading company specialising in the import of premium-grade, sustainable meat sourced from audited producers in South America, New Zealand and Australia. The company’s “Chosen by Farmers” premium brand is recognized for its high quality, 100% traceability and sustainable value chain.

The company said it is a responsible Nordic meat supplier with production based in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Poland and adheres to a policy of responsible meat sourcing, premium product quality and knowing the origin of its meat raw material.

HKScan favours domestically produced meat sourced from long-term contract suppliers in Finland, Sweden and Denmark or from the corporation’s wholly-owned farms in Estonia.

Clear traceability of the supply chain is assured all the way from farm to fork. Additionally a certain smaller volume of meat is imported from HKScan Group’s slaughterhouses from other HKScan’s home markets. Given the shortage of meat available in the Nordic home markets, some meat is also imported from carefully selected, third-party suppliers which are systematically audited as part of HKScan’s quality and responsibility management system.


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