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Supermarkets Back British Pork Ham Sausages

09 December 2013

National Pig Association - The voice of the UK pig industry

UK - British shelf facings in supermarkets have increased almost across the board, compared to this time last year, according to Porkwatch figures.

British pork facings are up 1.5 per cent, ham is up 3.9 per cent and sausages are up 3.5 per cent.

British facings versus a year ago
Pork 1.5
Bacon -6
Ham 3.9
Sausages 3.5

Retailers remain keen on sourcing British pork. Compared with Porkwatch data a year ago, Aldi has more British facings for bacon, ham and sausages, and Budgens has improved for pork, bacon and ham.

Asda has improved for pork and bacon and Tesco has improved for bacon and sausages. M&S and Waitrose remain outstanding in their support for British pork, bacon, ham and sausages.

But Red Tractor visibility is down in three out of four categories compared to November last year.

Red Tractor facings versus a year ago
Pork -0.7
Bacon -7.9
Ham -13.4
Sausages 7.4

November's Porkwatch figures show Sainsbury's maintaining its 100 per cent British pork achievement in September — a 19 per cent improvement on this time last year.

And it remains impressive at 97 per cent British ham and 88 per cent British sausages. But it did slightly less well on bacon, down 5 per cent to 44 per cent.

'British' facing versus a year ago

Pork 3.7
Bacon 7.9
Ham 0.4
Sausage 38.0
Pork -2.4
Bacon -20.1
Ham 14.2
Sausage 2.2
Pork 91.7
Bacon 6.4
Ham 82.8
Sausage 0.7
Pork 0.3
Bacon -4.5
Ham 4.8
Sausage 4.3
Pork -2.1
Bacon -23.0
Ham 32.4
Sausage 1.8
M & S%
Pork 0.0
Bacon 0.0
Ham 2.2
Sausage 0.0
Pork 0.0
Bacon 0.7
Ham -2.2
Sausage 0.0
Pork 18.9
Bacon -4.8
Ham 2.4
Sausage -2.3
Pork -6.3
Bacon -0.9
Ham 13.4
Sausage 13.8
Pork 0.0
Bacon -0.7
Ham 12.7
Sausage 1.4

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