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Demand Rising for White Meat in Italy

06 December 2013

ITALY - Italians have shown an increasing demand for white meat over the past decade with demand for chicken, turkey and eggs rising by 8.5 per cent while prices have declined. reports that according to UnaItalia, which promotes poultry and other white meats as well as eggs, prices for chicken have slid by as much as 12 per cent over the past ten years while demand has increased.

Over the same period, poultry production has increased by 16 per cent, reaching 817,000 tonnes, said the group.

Worldwide the trend towards more poultry has been growing, to an average of 13.3 kg per capita, followed by an increase in consumption of pig products, now 12.2 kg per capita and beef at 6.6 kg per person, said UnaItalia.

According to some medical authorities, consumption of white meat such as poultry is better for health compared with red meat.

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