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Commission Urged to Ban Food from Cloned animals

28 November 2013

EU - Eurogroup for Animals has called on the European Commission to prevent the sale and import of food from cloned animals.

The group has also called for legislation this year that will actively stop cloning taking place in the European Union.

According to Eurogroup for Animals, cloning - a technique to reproduce identical animals - is very controversial and opposed on ethical animal welfare and health grounds, due to the many animals that die in the process and the suffering it causes during pregnancy and birth.

Scientists agree that the health and welfare of a significant proportion of cloned animals is seriously affected and mortality is considerably higher than with sexually reproduced animals.

“Eurogroup for Animals is opposed to the cloning of animals and urges the European Commission to introduce an immediate ban on the cloning of animals for food production, and on the import and sale of animal clones, their offspring and food products from animal clones and their offspring as well as semen and embryos from animal clones,” said Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals.

Eurogroup for Animals reports that some Commission officials have claimed that it would be impossible to trace meat, milk or any product coming from cloned animals and their offspring, putting offspring, putting pressure on member states by saying this would result in all imported meat being banned which is not compatible with trade rules. Traceability is achievable and is already a requirement for food safety so there is no need to ban all imports.

“We hope that today’s discussions will result in the publication of a legislative proposal by the end of this year that will ban these unwanted products from our shops and we will continue to work to ensure that products from cloned animals or their offspring do not come on the market,” concluded Ms Hameleers.

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