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Repeated Exposure Increases Sensitivity to Boar Taint

05 November 2013

US - A US Department of Animal Sciences study has shown that repeated exposure to boar taint makes people more susceptible and aware of the smell.

The study was imed at assessing whether repeated exposure affects the subjects' ability to detect androstenone.

The researchers assessed olfactory acuity of 77 female and 44 male subjects (age 37.5 ± 11.7 years) three times during six weeks.

Replicate triangle tests using various dilutions of androstenone (0.5, 5.0, and 50.0 μg/g) on filter paper smell strips were applied.

According to the researchers, subjects were either assigned to a test group (TRAIN) using androstenone for daily training, or to a control group (CONTR) using a placebo.

For the low, the intermediate, and the high level of androstenone presented, the researchers noted that detection rate increased from 14.1 to 30.6 per cent, 40.5 to 62.8 per cent, and 65.3 to 78.5 per cent respectively within six weeks from the initial assessment.

Results suggest that mere exposure during repeated olfactory testing increased subjects' ability to correctly discriminate androstenone.

The olfactory improvement was, however, more pronounced in the TRAIN group.

Androstenone detection appears to be associated with its individual appreciation, the study showed.

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