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Sonac Ovine Plasma Powder Targets Pet Food Market

04 September 2013

GLOBAL - Sonac, part of VION Ingredients, has launched an ovine plasma powder aimed at the global pet food market.

Sonac’s latest animal protein source is derived from safe Australian ovine sources and delivers textural benefits in a variety of applications.

Ovine plasma powder is manufactured using ovine blood from free range lambs and sheep living in Australia.

The company says it offers a healthy, super premium quality solution to formulate limited ingredient wet pet foods, treats and snacks.

When used in these products, ovine plasma powder works to bind the elements of the pet food together.

It also delivers additional taste and palatability benefits which cannot be achieved with functional vegetable proteins.

Because of its ovine source, this new plasma powder avoids the allergies sometimes suffered by sensitive pets when consuming products of bovine or porcine origin. This, coupled with the positive, natural perception of ovine ingredients, means manufacturers can now formulate pet food options with a much broader industry appeal.

Geert van der Velden, sales manager at Sonac said: “The launch of this new ovine blood plasma demonstrates our unique expertise and in-depth knowledge of the international pet food industry.

“An increasing number of manufacturers are looking for supplementary sources to traditional proteins and they are keen to eliminate the allergy concerns of bovine and porcine animal products.

“Our ovine plasma powder is the only product to address both of these challenges and delivers an effective, limited ingredient solution for the development of good tasting, high quality pet food varieties. It also reinforces our commitment to sustainability by ensuring all elements of the animal by-product are maximised.”

This latest addition to the portfolio complements Sonac’s comprehensive range of proteins, fats, minerals and specialties for a variety of markets. These include blood products for aqua feed, fats for animal feed and natural bone phosphates for pigs and poultry.

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