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Hong Kong’s Red Meat Imports Hit Record Levels

30 August 2013
Meat & Livestock Australia

HONG KONG - Hong Kong’s red meat, beef and sheep meat, imports hit an all-time high during 2012-13, at 231,722 tonnes , up 53 per cent on 2011-12 and 157 per cent above 2007-08, assisted primarily by an increase in beef imports, according to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department.

A report from Meat and Livestock Australia said that Hong Kong’s beef imports during 2012-13 reached a record fiscal year volume, at 220,754 tonnes– up 59 per cent on 2011-12, and 165 per cent above 2007-08.

Both chilled and frozen beef imports reached new heights, at 6,100 tonnes , up 15 per cent on 2011-12, and 214,654 tonnes, up 61 per cent on 2011-12, respectively.

On the back of the growth in frozen beef volumes, imports of Brazilian beef during 2012-13 surged 84 per cent on 2011-12, to 108,741 tonnes, placing Brazil as the largest supplier.

With the increased volume, Brazil expanded its market share in Hong Kong from 43 per cent in 2011-12, to 49 per cent in 2012-13.

Hong Kong also imported more beef from the US during 2012-13 – up 93 per cent on 2011-12, to 68,761 tonnes.

Imports of US beef made up of 1,896 tonnes of chilled beef, or 31 per cent of total chilled beef imports, up 26 per cent year-on-year, and 66,865 tonnes of frozen beef, up 96 per cent on 2011-12, respectively.

MLA said that impacted by larger shipments from Brazil and the US and Australia’s direct access to China, Hong Kong’s beef imports from Australia during 2012-13 totalled 7,843 tonnes– down 14 per cent year-on-year.

However, Australia remained the largest supplier of chilled beef, up 11 per cent on 2011-12, to 2,650 tonnes, maintaining its market share at over 40 per cent in 2012-13.

Similar to beef, offal import volumes during 2012-13 were up 4 per cent on 2011-12, to 260,634 tonnes, of which 62 per cent was supplied by Brazil at 160,683 tonnes.

While Australia remained the third major offal supplier, the volume was down three per cent on 2011-12, to 25,848 tonnes.

In contrast, Hong Kong imported less sheep meat during 2012-13, falling 14 per cent year-on-year, to 10,968 tonnes.

Australia supplied 40 per cent of Hong Kong’s total sheep meat imports, at 4,342 tonnes, down 22 per cent on 2011-12, with the volume from NZ also contracting by seven per cent, to 3,404 tonnes.

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