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Higher Meat Exports Pressure Liveweight Prices

15 August 2013

CHILE – Official Chilean export figures show all meats are up on last year, forcing liveweight values higher for the first five months of the year.

The poultry sector saw a 3.1 per cent growth  in exports with shipments rising to 48,836 tonnes.

However, little overall increase in broiler production means meat output from January to June is at 282,102 tonnes.

The effect of greater demand has pushed up live poultry price by 2.5 per cent to 714 peso per kilo.

Imports have also been hit, dropping 5.5 per cent to 31,817 tonnes.

Pig production has also stayed largely unchanged for the period at 232,933 tonnes. Pork price data shows average prices are up 4.6 per cent to 781 peso per kilo.

This saw pork export volumes increase 2.4 per cent, hitting 62,174 tonnes.

The beef sector also saw output rise, largely because of an eight per cent increase in steer throughput.

Slaughter figures were down 8.9 per cent between January and June though, which the government has attributed to retention rates rising.

The government concluded that higher shipments should counter short term surpluses created by the closure of the Guasco plant.

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