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New Guides to Assess Water Content in Chicken

23 July 2013

BRAZIL - Brazilian authorities have laid down the official method to determine the parameters for evaluating the total water content in chilled chicken carcases.

The Normative Instruction No. 25 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) has updated the previous standard.

The analysis has been made to check the possibility of products being overweight because of excess water.

Director of the Department of Inspection of Animal Products of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), Judi Nobrega, said that this is one way to protect consumer rights, so that the price of chicken does not rise simply because of water weight.

Ms Nobrega further added that the absorption of water during the process of slaughter can occur in a step called pre-cooling by immersion, which justifies the need for an analysis to evaluate the possibility of products being overweight because of such a step.

The frozen carcasses and cuts are already routinely monitored by MAPA and companies are supervised by the Federal Inspection Service (SIF).

The improvement of controls in the country is among the factors behind the increase in supply of chicken with better quality, and increased domestic poultry production in the last three decades, making Brazil one of the world's major producers.

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