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Spanish Farmers Worried over CAP

17 July 2013

SPAIN - Farmers in Spain are worried about the many issues that remain in the air on the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) according to the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers.

The union said that this will be a significant week for the application of the new CAP in Spain.

In the coming days, key issues such as aid to the various agricultural sectors, support for young farmers etc. will be realised.

This week, the UPA agricultural organization will participate in an intense round of meetings to convey the position of Spanish farmers in the new Common Agricultural Policy.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment last week sent a questionnaire to various agricultural organizations and autonomous communities to take a stand on national implementation of the CAP.

"On Friday at 11 am, Arias Canete will come to know in detail the position of the entire sector. Another thing is the decisions you make later," declared the organization.

However, the UPA has expressed concern that the Argicultural Ministry's questionnaire will not be binding and as a result, is unclear on how to answer.

Farmers and ranchers are worried because some issues are capable of radically changing the CAP for the next six years. For example, aid for young farmers or how they could enter new sectors as recipients of aid could cause unrest in the sector.

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