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The Evolving RevoPortioner

01 July 2013

GLOBAL - What do you do when you have developed best-selling, revolutionary portioning equipment? You make it even better!

Since its conception in 1999, RevoPortioner has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and research, taking it from an innovative approach in portioning technology to a range of machines that provide the answer to many satisfied further processors across the globe.

With the RevoPortioner from Marel Townsend Further Processing, you can make perfectly portioned products at low pressure, which retain the texture and structure of your raw material.

Marel RevoPortionerThe latest model of the RevoPortioner was designed in such a way that a paper underleaver could be added at a later date with minor adjustments. Adding to the growing portfolio, there is now a RevoPortioner with paper underleaver and stacker, developed together with our partner, Sleegers.

This extension places sheets of paper under portioned products as they exit the RevoPortioner and can even stack them, allowing further processors to automatically separate the layers of products.

In addition to this, there is now also a new 3D-drum available for the RevoPortioner, literally giving portioning an extra dimension. With the machine’s newest 3D portioning drum, even more products are possible than before.

This drum can make products with a cylindrical shape, such as skinless sausages, opening up many new opportunities. Like the well-known 2D-drums, this drum is made of sintered steel and because products are released from the drum using only air, an endless variety of shapes are possible.

In order to create even more possibilities with the RevoPortioner, we have lined it up with the ValueSpray for innovative marinating of portioned products. This seamless connection allows the in-line wet marinating of portioned products, even fragile ones.

The combination of extremely accurate portioning and uniform distribution of marinade means savings on labor costs and ensures you will always have the same results. With an in-line solution such as this, there are also fewer steps in the production process and much less give-away.

When the portioned products from the RevoPortioner have to be coated, the perfect solution can be found in our new in-line drum breading system, the SuperFlex. Made by official Marel Townsend Further Processing partner, Nothum, the SuperFlex drum breading system is an extremely versatile and compact breader.

It can process a multitude of breading options, from fine flour to heavy crumb, kept intact through the absence of augers. Product variety and cost savings are guaranteed by this extremely efficient system that can give products flatbed, drum, triple flip or hand toss coating, making it a 4-in-1 system. An automatic breading feed and automatic spreading of product across the belt also mean a reduction in labor needed.

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