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Value-Added Way to Go for Export Markets

26 March 2013

UK – Global dairy market evolution means brighter times lie in wait for the UK’s dairy farmers.

This is according to Farm Minister, David Heath, who, speaking to Dairy UK caveated that future success hinges on marketing to foreign consumers and the development of value-added processing lines.

Despite not wanting to set concrete targets for growth Mr Heath was bullish about dairy prospects and the current export situation although admitted more could be done by major companies and the government.

“I think a lot of companies are doing a lot of good work but we can of course do better,” said Mr Heath. “There are new markets which we ought to be looking at and those markets we have opened we can do more in. I always want to improve.”

By doing more the Minister said that UK farm profits can improve for all stages of the milk supply chain.

“The more we increase sales, particularly value-added, the more money goes into the system all the way down the chain,” said Mr Heath.

“I am very clear that this is good news not only for exporters and processors but for producers as well.”

Taking opportunities as they come is how the UK will benefit from increasing global demand. This entails seeing UK products on foreign supermarkets, he added.

Mr Heath concluded that marketing and exporting value-added products will involve government support.

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