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New Factory in Holsted Takes Shape

22 March 2013

DENMARK - Each day, trucks loaded with concrete elements and other construction materials trundle into the building site off the E20 motorway. Here, a sea of cranes and diggers is ready which, in just a few hours, will manoeuvre all the bits and pieces precisely into their intended positions.

The buildings which in a year will house Europe’s most advanced cattle slaughterhouse are shooting up fast [Photo: Danish Crown]

"The long winter has held us up slightly, for example with casting floors, but in other respects we are ahead of schedule," said Lorenz Hansen, Division Director of DC Beef.

The roof of the large cold store in the middle of the slaughterhouse is being completed at the moment, and some of the large chillers have already been installed on the roof.

Construction of the new administration block is also progressing fast. It therefore looks as though DC Beef's administration employees will be able to report for work in Holsted on 1 September this year.

"It is my belief and hope that the slaughterhouse will be operating by New Year so that in a year’s time we will have made considerable progress with running in the machinery and systems," said an optimistic Lorenz Hansen.

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