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Work Moves on at Holsted Plant

12 February 2013

DENMARK - Danish Crown’s project group, which is managing the construction of the new cattle slaughterhouse in Holsted, has moved their desks permanently to the building site.

The construction of the new cattle slaughterhouse in Holsted has shifted from the project phase to the execution phase. Danish Crown’s project group, headed by Technical Manager Niels V. Juhl, has therefore moved their desks to the building site in Holsted in southern Jutland.

"Until now we have been working together with the architects aarhus arkitekterne and the turnkey contractors Midtjysk Totalbyg at Rambøll’s offices in Aarhus. But now all the drawings are finished and work on constructing the buildings has commenced.

"Therefore, it makes sense for DC’s project group to be on site," said Niels V. Juhl.

Four employees from the project group have based themselves in several portacabins on the building site, from where they will oversee the work at close quarters.

"When we are here in person, the decision-making processes are shorter, and construction of the slaughterhouse proceeds more smoothly," Niels V. Juhl added.

Later in the year, the number of project group employees at the building site will be increased to eight to 10 persons.

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