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Speedy Sausage Recipe Services for Caterers

25 October 2012

UK - UK sausage manufacturer Snowbird Foods has unveiled a series of carefully tested quick and easy light meal suggestions which will enable caterers to speed up service and add profitable variety to the menus whilst using basic ingredients.

Titled Quick and Easy Light Bites, all the new ideas feature the company's fully cooked and frozen sausages which have won eleven awards in the last three years and all the recipes have a cooking time of ten minutes or less.

"Sausages are a hugely popular breakfast item but later in the day they feature in sausage and mash (a top ten catering dish) plus a traditional fry up and very little else," said Snowbird sales director, Roy Anderson.

"Quick and Easy Light Bites will help caterers speed up service and add profitable variety to their menus whilst using readily available every day ingredients," he added.

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