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Award for Abu Dhabi Automated Slaughterhouse

24 September 2010

UMITED ARAB EMIRATES - The Automated Slaughterhouse of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has been decorated with the Best Slaughterhouse Award in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The award was presented by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) in appreciation of the Slaughterhouse’s implementation of the highest standards of quality & safety and enhanced capabilities in animal slaughtering and meat processing.

By winning this award, the Automated Slaughterhouse has made an unprecedented achievement in this field, marking an excellent addition to the Municipality’s track record, particularly with regard to the health and safety of consumers and the community at large.

The award was received on behalf of the Municipality by Eng Abdullah Al Shamsi, Acting Executive Director of Municipal Infrastructure & Assets Sector, from His Excellency Douglas Trappett, Australian Ambassador to the UAE, in the presence of MLA representatives and a number of the Municipality’s directors and officials.

Commenting on the decoration, Al Shamsi said: “Presenting the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City with the Best Slaughterhouse Award in the Middle East and North Africa is a testament to the Municipality’s keenness on community health and safety. The well-deserved Award comes in recognition of the Municipality’s efforts in pursuing the highest hygienic standards, implementing precise and effective paradigms of quality controls throughout production phases, right from the preparation stage through to the final products, and providing services fully comply with applicable international specifications and health stipulations.”

Eng Abdullah added: “The Slaughterhouse has won the Award after an enduring an authentic array of tests and continuous verifications by MLA to verify the integrality of the applicable procedures and worthiness of the Slaughterhouse to slam this high world-class recognition which implies not only the soundness of existing technical aspects but also reflects what the Municipality has been striving to secure towards the overall community safety, including food production safety.”

“The competition included hundreds of slaughterhouses and butcheries in 40 countries in the MENA region which means that Abu Dhabi’s Automated Slaughterhouse has deservedly won the Award for being the best under the 2010 standards. Technical committees and specialized experts of the MLA were involved in annual evaluation of slaughterhouses across the region including slaughtering, processing, cleaning, hygiene and sanitation procedures as well as technical and technological aspects, on the basis of which the Award is given to the best slaughterhouse in terms of complying with the set criteria,” he explained.

Worth-mentioning that a delegation of MLA experts visited Abu Dhabi’s Automated Slaughterhouse earlier this year to familiarize with the technical capabilities in place, operational mechanism, health and safety measures, and facilities and services provided to the public, including health conditions and security and safety measures.

“The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City ranks community health and safety on top of its priorities and continues to implement the best quality standards in all facilities including the Automated Slaughterhouse and other subordinate abattoirs using state-of-the-art technologies in processing meat and properly carrying out such activities as preparation, chilling, transportation and storage in accordance with the highest hygienic and safety standards and conditions”, Al Shamsi pointed out.

At the end of the meeting; Al Shamsi presented a memorial gift to the Australian Ambassador for the efforts made during the process of running for the award and for strengthen the matual relations and cooperation with the Municipality.

The Municipality’s abattoirs have received recognition from various international organizations concerned with the safety of procedures bagging a range of awards and appreciation certificates. The Automated Slaughterhouse ranked second in the excellence award at the level of projects in 2008 and received the 2009 HACCP Certificate for implementing the highest standards of quality, safety measures and enhanced capabilities and technologies used in slaughtering cattle and handling produced meat.

Abu Dhabi’s Automated Slaughterhouse implements a matrix of criteria and health conditions relating to its slaughter lines using stainless steel sheets to wrap all things that might come in contact with slaughtered animals as required by international standards. Initial chillers are separated from the cooling facilities by insulated doors custom-made to international standards with an automated device mounted to monitor temperature around the clock. Sterilizing equipment are effectively attached to the slaughter hall entrances. There are a number of clearly designated accesses to the Clean Area and two separate entrances to the Dirty Area together with air exhaust turbines fixed into the Slaughterhouse’s barns for renewed ventilation.

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