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Farmers Challenge Food and Farming Foundation

14 September 2010

UK - The British National Farmers Union has issued a challenge to the new Food and Farming Foundation to retain its focus on developing partnerships across the food chain after the announcement by English Food and Farming Partnerships to restructure and invest in a new agri-food consultancy business.

The original mission of EFFP to champion collaboration across the food industry will be picked up by the Food and Farming Foundation, a not for profit organisation which will be funded from profits generated from its stake in a restructured and renamed European Food and Farming Partnerships.

NFU Deputy President Meurig Raymond said: “To date, EFFP has worked hard to help groups of farmers, processors and retailers develop long-term supply chain relationships and build better farmer controlled businesses. I am pleased that the new Food and Farming Foundation will retain the industry mission to champion collaboration across the food and farming industries, delivering value for all participants.

“This is a sensible response by the board to changes in government funding in order that this important work can continue. We will meet with European Food and Farming Partnerships in the coming weeks to discover how the Foundation will hold true to its mission and to discuss how farmers and growers can have an involvement in its governance.”

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