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Bulgarian Meat Market

04 June 2010

The Bulgarian pork industry is only 45 per cent self sufficient, writes Peter Duggan from the Strategic Information Services at Bord Bia.

Since accessing the European Union in 2007, pigmeat imports have almost trebled to 93,500 tonnes as customs duty fell in connection to Bulgaria joining the EU.

The assessment of the Bulgarian industry is contained in a market study undertaken by Bord Bia looking at the Bulgarian meat market, with particular emphasis placed on pig meat.

The primary focus of the study centered around the channels of meat distribution within the Bulgarian market, this being serviced by processors/traders, importers and retailers.

These companies were assessed under company strategy and general meat import requirements, with prices obtained where possible.

For 2009, the principal suppliers of pig meat to Bulgaria were Germany and Spain.

Lower priced meat cuts were the main cuts being imported, these ranged from trimmings down to tripe.

The major Bulgarian processors/traders and importers of meat were identified from the outset of the study.

Interestingly, the majority of traders that Bord Bia conducted interviews with also owned their own processing facilities, for example Chiko Foods, Bartlink and Karmako to name but a few.

Only one company that Bord Bia interviewed concentrated solely on importing, this being Novo trade.

In terms of retailers, Metro and Billa were both examined. From interviewing both retailers, there was a clear preference in importing fresh sides of pork from neighbouring European countries.

Frozen pig meat was sourced from domestic processors/traders and importers.

Source - Bulgarian Meat Association

June 2010

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