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Meat Quality of Beef Using Different Ageing Techniques

28 November 2013

Using an ageing process to enhance the flavour and tenderness of beef products has long been established.

However, when the ageing process is taken from hanging in the chiller to a process in the bag, the acceptability of the product will depend on how it has been aged.

A joint study by researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing and the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University in the US looked at three ageing treatments: dry ageing, vacuum ageing and ageing in a highly moisture permeable bag.

The aim of the study by Helena Stenström, Xin Li, Melvin C. Hunt and Kerstin Lundström published in Meat Science was to determine which ageing treatment of beef was sensorially preferred by consumers and how their preference changed when given information about the ageing treatment.

The research used.Longissimus thoracis et lumborum from four young bulls were randomly assigned three ageing treatments: dry ageing, vacuum ageing and ageing in a highly moisture permeable bag (bag dry-ageing); each was aged at 1.6 °C for another 13 days.

In a preference test 171 consumers were asked questions about their overall liking, the tenderness and juiciness of the product.

Another test, a deceptive test, with 61 consumers was performed with two taste samples.

The first taste sample was presented with correct information about ageing treatment and the second with false information.

In the preference test, consumers preferred dry ageing and bag dry-ageing to vacuum ageing.

In the deceptive test, dry ageing was preferred, but the research team said that the information given did influence the consumer’s preference.

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You can view the full report by clicking here.

November 2013

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