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Hydrodynamic Pressure Processing Aids Tenderisation in Beef

31 August 2013

A research team at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service has found that the use of high pressure processing on beef products has an effect on the intra muscular connective tissue and helps in the tenderisation process.

The team of H. Zuckerman,B.C. Bowker, J.S. Eastridge and M.B. Solomon found that the Shockwave effects on connective tissue integrity contribute to hydrodynamic pressure processing (HDP) tenderisation.

They discovered that hydrodynamic pressure processing causes immediate and sustained improvements in beef semimembranosus tenderness and that HDP disrupts the microstructure of beef intramuscular connective tissue.

The team used scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to evaluate microstructural changes in intramuscular connective tissue of beef semimembranosus muscle subjected to hydrodynamic pressure processing (HDP).

Samples were HDP treated in a plastic container (HDP-PC) or a steel commercial unit (HDP-CU).

Control and HDP samples were obtained immediately post-treatment and after 14 days of aging for SEM and Warner–Bratzler shear force (WBSF) analysis.

Immediately post-treatment, HDP treated samples exhibited lower (P < 0.01) WBSF than did controls.

After aging, HDP-PC samples had lower (P < 0.01) WBSF than that of aged controls.

The team said that SEM analysis indicated that HDP-PC treatment disrupted the integrity of the collagen fibril network of the endomysium in both the non-aged and aged samples.

Aging effects on the intramuscular connective tissue were observed in the HDP-PC and control samples.

Both WBSF and connective tissue changes were greater in the HDP-PC than in the HDP-CU treated samples.

The team concluded that the data suggested that shockwave alterations to connective tissue contribute to the meat tenderisation of hydrodynamic pressure processing.

The results of the study by the team at the USDA ARS are published in the November issue of Meat Science.

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