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Packing Plant Differences in Meat Quality for Grain-fed Veal

01 August 2013

An investigation into whether using a polyliner during chilling of veal carcases had an effect on the quality of the carcase showed no change in drip loss.

The study results published in the Canadian Journal of Animal Science also showed that it made no difference to the shear force or the cooking losses com[pared to uncovered chilled carcases.

The research carried out by C P Campbell and I B Mandell from the University of Guelph, J. Haley from the Ontario Veal Association and K C Swanson from North Dakota State University looked at packing plant differences in meat quality in grain-fed veal from three commercial packing plants and a university research facility.

Postmortem chilling rates were investigated in three plants including facilities which encased carcass sides in a polyliner bag intended to reduce shrinkage during chilling.

Packing plant differences (P ≤ 0.01) in chilling rates were not always accompanied by plant differences in sarcomere length for longissimus or semitendinosus muscles.

Drip and cooking losses and shear force for longissimus varied (P≤0.04) across packing plant with lower (P≤0.02) values found in veal slaughtered at the university research facility vs. veal from commercial packing plants.

A packing plant by postmortem ageing interaction (P<0.05) for shear force was due to differences in extent of postmortem tenderisation with ageing across packing plants.

The researchers said that while use of a polyliner to encase the carcass during chilling decreased (P<0.001) rate of chilling and carcass shrinkage, there was no effect (P>0.20) on drip loss, shear force, or cooking losses compared to the carcases chilled uncovered.

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