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Quality of Frankfurter Sausages with Pig Skin and Wheat Fibre as Fat Replacers

24 March 2013

A mixture of pig skin and wheat fibre can be used to replace fat in frankfurter style sausages to obtain lower calories and a higher moisture and protein content.

A research team from the Konkuk University, Kongju National University and the National Institute of Animal Science of South Korea also found that the addition of pig skin and wheat fibre also produced an emulsion stability in the low-far frankfurter syle sausgaes.

The team of Ju-Hui Choea, Hack-Youn Kimb, Jong-Moon Leec, Yong-Jae Kima and Cheon-Jei Kima examined the quality of the frankfurter style sausages and assess the use of the pig skin and wheat fibre as fat replacers.

They also examined how the addition of the pig skin and wheat fibre mixture increased the moisture and protein content in the sausage because of the water binding capacity in wheat fibre and protein content in pig skin.

The sausage sample containing 20 per cent of the pig skin and wheat fibre mixture had 50 per cent less fat, 32 per cent fewer calories, and showed 39.5 per cent less cooking loss than those of the control (p < 0.05).

A high pig skin and wheat fibre mixture content resulted in more stable meat emulsions and increased hardness, cohesiveness, gumminess, and chewiness.

No significant differences were observed in colour, flavour, tenderness, juiciness, warm-off flavour and overall acceptability between the control and sausage sample with the pig skin and wheat fibre mixture by the sensory panel.

The researchers, therefore, concluded that the pig skin and wheat fibre mixture could be used as fat replacers to obtain lower calories, and higher moisture, protein contents, and emulsion stability than in low-fat frankfurter-type sausages without the pig skin and wheat fibre mixture.

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