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Ethnic Meat Cuts Growing in Popularity

04 November 2012


Global trends in flavours and tastes are influencing cuts and varieties of meat being demanded in foodservice and retail, writes Sean Mannion, Meat Division, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board.

The tastes of consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated with the increase of Latin American and Asian flavours being offered by restaurants.

Retailers, such as Publix Sabor, have moved to meet the desire of their consumers to replicate the dishes found in foodservice.

In response they have increased the availability of more ethnic cuts of meat such as oxtail, tripe, lamb neck, sweetbreads, fish heads, pig feet and lamb ribs.

These cuts are typically associated with Asian and Latin American cuisine.

Cookery shows on television have also played their part in changing consumer tastes.

However, the increase in demand for more ethnic cuts has not only been caused by changing tastes of consumers.

As societies become more ethnically diverse, retailers must adjust to meet the demands of new and growing ethnic groups.

In response to the demand for more ethnic cuts of meat, stores such as Publix Sabor and The Meat Hook in Brooklyn, New York, carry large slabs of beef for customers who want them cut to specification.

Religious practices are having increasing influences over flavours and tastes.

Food is an important part of religious observance and spiritual rituals for many different faiths.

Kosher and Halal food is becoming more prominent in mainstream foodservice and retail.

Chains such as McDonald’s have actively responded to the needs of consumers following Islamic and Jewish food customs.

November 2012

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